DC I-Corps Accelerator participants engage with DC I-Corps instructors and mentors in monthly meetings to define and execute a customized road map based on the venture’s needs and strategic direction.

The DC I-Corps Accelerator has partnered with the Washington DC Economic Partnership’s Accelerate DC (LINK) which uses the MIT Venture Mentoring Service model to provide a robust platform for entrepreneurs to bolster the growth of their startup.

Program highlights:

  • Provides a formal structure for mentoring which translates into efficient and organized progress for entrepreneurs

  • A team-based program that provides multiple instructors and mentors with a range of perspectives and skill sets for each venture

  • All mentors go through an extensive interview process to ensure they are qualified and are required to agree to a strict code of conduct.

  • Services are free and confidential with no conflict of interest

  • Mentor teams will change as a venture grows and their needs change

  • Ventures initiate all mentoring sessions so they can be mentored as little or as often as they choose