The success of the DC I-Corps program depends on team mentors. The mentors bring valuable start-up and industry experience to each of the technical teams. But what are the benefits for mentors?

  • Be part of the Lean movement.  You will experience practical application and in-depth learning of lean start-up methodologies. This new tool set has become the standard model for building start-ups, and represents a significant change in thinking. The DC I-Corps program adapts this methodology to also help teams with technology transfer and commercialization. The program gives you a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in lean processes, keep current, and contribute to the overall movement.
  • Find your next thing.  You will be exposed to interesting and commercially promising innovations and technologies at an early stage. If you are looking for your next career or investment opportunity, the DC I-Corps program will expose you to some of the most promising technology innovations coming from our universities and federal labs before others see them.
  • Make a dent in the universe.  Your most important contribution as a mentor will be your contribution to the community – and to the country. Your participation will help create the next generation of technology startups in the region, and will help build an innovation ecosystem in the greater region surrounding our nation’s capital – and beyond. More importantly, you will be helping to reshape the technology transfer and commercialization process at some the world’s leading research universities and federal labs.