“Intro to I-Corps” Workshop to Help You Win Grants

Successfully competing for funding to commercialize your technology or product requires demonstrating to the funding agency that your technology, product, or service addresses specific market needs and pain points (often called the “technology to market” or “broader impact” section of your proposal).  Although your research may have started with a cool and novel idea, commercializing your product requires you to answer questions such as who are my customers?  What is the market ecosystem?  What value does my product provide to my customers?  Answering these questions requires getting out of the building and talking to customers, and there is a proven process to do this.   NSF, NIH, DOE and other funding agencies are now all applying this process (known as I-Corps) to the discoveries and innovation they fund.  Strengthen your MII submission or your grant proposal by learning and applying the customer discovery process in this 2 week short course offered by UMD Office of Tech Commercialization and the UMD DC I-Corps team (AIE, Mtech, Dingman).


To register for the workshop, please email Edmund Pendleton (edmund@umd.edu).


Please note that registration is limited to current UMD faculty, staff or students.